Cult Classics

$35.00 on the 3rd of each month for 12 months

Who doesn’t like a great cult classic movie? There are SO many movies out there that have made impacts on our culture.  Who doesn’t recognize quotes like ” As you wish!” or “Vote for Pedro”?

All yarn club yarns will be created with our Sensible Sock base, which is a fingering weight, 420 yards, 80/20 super wash merino and nylon blend. This is our most popular base because of it’s versatility.

First month of the yarn club will be January 2020, and it will run once a month for the entire year.  You are welcome to join and leave the club at will.  If you join in the middle of a month, be watching for your first subscription to activate the following month.  Be sure to join our facebook group to get a sneak peek of what you will be receiving each month!

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