Woodland Stroll


Woodland Stroll is one of our new customizable Sock Tubes. Colors include deep rusty browns and forest greens,

Savvy Skeins’ Sock Tubes are 100 grams each, and knit up with using our Sensible Sock yarn base. Each tube has the potential for 2 pairs of socks, depending on your desired leg and foot lengths.

Choose to purchase just the sock tube so you can match a coordinating yarn already in your stash, or purchase the Sock Tube with a provided coordinating color. The provided coordinating color is a 50 gram half skein which is plenty for heels, cuffs, and toes for two pairs of socks.

For some great tutorials on how to add in afterthought cuffs, heels, and toes, check out these links.

Afterthought Everything Socks

Afterthought Everything Socks Tutorial